we both want the very same thing

il rest dix-neuf jours à rennes.

things are winding down quickly. la floride and my home in greensboro await me, but i am starting to get nervous. i have had a lovely time here in rennes, and i don’t know if i’m prepared to leave. there are so many smells and words to learn and eyes to greet that i am already aching for.

rennes has been such a good little home to me. my family, my kind and beautiful family, my little host sisters whom i will miss unbearably. i can’t even stand to think about them growing up without me. the park, and the wine, and the buses, and the little houses, and my little babies at school, and even the rain. it has all been so good to me.

here i am, lying in my bed, staring at the white walls. i never did put pictures up. i brought plein de photos pour mettre sur les murs parce que hailey m’a dit que j’aurais sûrement le mal du pays. mais non, ça ne s’est jamais passé. pas vraiment.

and remember when I moved in you, the holy dove was moving too


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