je suis la jeune fille

here i am, lying in my little french bed in this little french house. in rennes, bien sûr. i have been meaning to make one of these for quite some time, but i have been rather busy exploring le centre-ville and eating croissants and playing with little babies and pretending i speak french. my family is just lovely and so is this city. every day is exhausting but i am learning.

we’ve been in rennes for about a week. we spent several days in paris, which i actually loved quite a lot. i didn’t expect to. i am not a particular fan of big cities, but in paris there are little buildings and lots of art and many many fashionable people. i have come to realize that parisians might be the most fashionable people i have seen. a few other notes about paris/france. there are no water fountains anywhere (!), toilets don’t have handles, and people here really and truly love crêpes. it’s a stereotype that lives up to its name, truly truly.

thus far we have attended only a few classes at Rennes II, the university. we are taking preliminary courses until our real classes begin sometime next week. there are four french students, les moniteurs, that have been accompanying us to our various destinations and spending time with us. thus far it has been very amusing, especially when we convince them to speak english with us. a particular instance that is coming to mind is teaching them what a “bro” is (apparently, they do not exist in france) and “pinky promise.” it’s also nice to have a few built-in french connections. tomorrow night, we are all going out to “la rue soif,” or “thirsty street.” i.e. the street with all of the bars. should be interesting, i think.

and now, i will go snack on some bread and cheese.



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